Wanna selection that works?

Previous FRI students selected against Fibrinogen and Hemoglobin S (sickle cell variant). These selections seemed to be working (i.e. 27% binding to Fib & maybe 4% binding to HbS).  The selections were originally using the N71 pool on filters with standard Hepes buffer.  If you're interested in picking up where previous student left off, then let Brad know. This might be a good project to do on the side or if you just need to feel good about your bench skills.


Here is some of the data from the former selections.  They were actually started quite a long time ago (during the pilot year - summer 2006) by two excellent students, Fan Fan Shen and Yuxuan Wang and are well labeled.  These two students began working on other projects during the fall of 2006 and did not follow up with these.  I just haven't had the format (like this blog) to formalize a continuation project out of it.  Figure 1 is the original binding assay showing good binding to both targets.  It is actually a good figure and I hope when you post binding assay data, you label it similar to these.

Figure 1.  Binding assay to Hemoglobin S and Fibrinogen performed late summer 2006.
Sequencing on these targets was performed for R6 (Fibrinogen - Figure 2) and R6/R10 for Hemoglobin S.

Figure 2. Sequencing data trimmed down to random region
Next steps include fully analyzing the sequences, performing individual binding assays on the clones, continuing the selection more rounds and analyzing further rounds for binding and individual sequences.

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