Don't forget to keep updating the site on your progress/ problems/ difficulties/ successes or over all feel of getting back into lab! I remember when I came back after 1 month of being away and it was hard to get back in! Postponing will only make it harder to fit into your routine. Also, other people can offer insight into what is going wrong. It is not a great use of your time to stall the next step when you have plenty of people that have probably had the same problem!

Trust me that you will find more than lab help because you'll notice tons of people are in your classes so you'll find class help (which is how I got through physics and organic chemistry)!

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Brad Hall said...

Excellent post Nia. For those reading this, also read my previous post. When looking at the sign in sheet, it appears there are a fair # of students who haven't even been to lab yet. Talking with Gwen, she mentioned some of you may feel disenfranchised with the research. If this is the case, let me know. There are other lab time activities and projects you can perform that don't involve bench work.

And I feel your "pain". It was one of the reasons I got into computational biology. I too hated bench work for a while. But time doing other productive research provided just the break I needed to appreciate bench work again...all through grad school I would go back and forth between programming and bench work. I'll post a few of the projects shortly.