Targets Ordered

The following targets have been ordered:
  • HIV-gag p24 (ordered last Monday) - Arrived 9-8-2010!!!
  • Dengue Virus Envelope (ordered last Monday)
  • S100B
  • INF-g
  • CXCL1
  • S100A4
  • APP - B-amyloid precursor protein
The following targets are already in lab
  • a-synuclein
  • EphA2
  • b-lactamase
  • transferrin
  • BPS 1027 and HCP1
  • Fluorescent proteins
I did not order MUC-1 or SATB1 because I have to talk with Sabeena and Lola (respectively) - or look at the comments on your abstracts and respond...


Mimi Le said...

HIV-1 gag protein came in today (09-08-2010). It's in the -20C in a styrofoam box.

Mimi Le said...

MUC1 gene has arrived. Stored in -20C