Just getting Started

I was reading a pretty interesting post over at Lifehacker about getting started and how it is overrated.  I would have to agree/disagree.  I think for you all, just getting into lab and starting with your selections is the first step and should not be overlooked.  Just start doing it and you'll get back into it easy.  But, the point of the Lifehacker disagreement was more about long-term success.  These two points are suggested:
  1. Establish, over time, a deep emotional conviction that you want to follow the pursuit.
  2. Build an exhaustive understanding of the relevant world, know why some succeed and others don't, and know exactly what actions are required.
I would call #1 "Own and love your work" and #2 "Know your work".  Both are important to becoming successful.  I disagree with resisting the start because I think a lot of people, me included, need to get over that hump of starting, then fail a few times before we become truely proficient at a task.  So I have three suggestions for the Aptamer Stream and for college life in general.
  1. Just start on whatever target you want till you feel comfortable doing it.  Or start on the homework by reading the questions, then read the chapter.
  2. Be proud of your selection and target, own it.  Or be proud of the work you turn in for a grade.  If you have ownership, you will feel more responsible for the outcome and thus work diligently for the results.
  3. Know why other succeed at a topic, selection, etc and why some have failed.  Do the things that work for you.
  4. Understand the literature (goes beyond journal club).  Learn Learn Learn.  You will never stop learning, so use college to find out the best method that motivates your learning.
This has been a truth nugget from yours truly...

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