Have I got a target for you ... Bisphenol A (BPA)

So - BPA is used to make plastics (i.e. it's found everywhere), but it causes negative health effects. Infants and fetuses seem especially vulnerable to BPA. This compound may be linked to obesity, thyroid problems, as well as a bunch of other stuff (suppresses DNA methylation, etc.). And - as a Mom with an 8 month old baby boy, I'm constantly trying to limit my son's BPA exposure by purchasing BPA-free items & minimizing his exposure to plastics (good luck). Anyhow - I think this might make a good aptamer target. An aptamer could be used to assay for BPA detection or possibly even used as an antidote to BPA exposure.

What do you think?


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Nia_Fernandez said...

That sounds amazing! It could also generate a lot of support and positive attention. How can aptamers be used in the actual products containing BPA? As a sort of coating?