Proper care and maintenance of targets

In general, proteins should not go through freeze thaw cycles. That means the -20 is not a good place to store them prior to aliquoting if they are already resuspended. If they come dry (desicated), then they can be stored in the -20. Otherwise, please place the targets that arrive in solution in the 4C fridge till we can aliquot them (that or the next day) and store them in the -80C. For the longer term storage, we need to aliquot between 50 and 400pmol/tube depending on the concentration and number of aliquots. These tubes will get a defined box within the -80C freezer with an informational note and also the same information should be posted on the APS.

As a rule of thumb, if the product comes on dry ice, place it in the -80. If it comes on freezer packs, then place it in the -20C and if it comes chilled but not frozen or without freezer packs then it is safe to place in the 4C fridge.

So, targets that we need to take care of currently are S100B for Emma and Kamaxi and MUC-1 for Sabeena...targets should start rolling in fast now.

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