Figures for Intro/Background

In the outline for the proposal, the intro/background section says there needs to be four figures in one place, and two figures in another place. I just asked Brad, and there needs to be four figures in the intro/background. Just thought I'd clarify for anyone else that had the same question.


Emma Weiss said...

For the Intro, it says "orientations as to the target itself"- I took that as basically state what the target is.... Is that correct. Can we use some of the information from the ABSTRACT. I am confused to what that means.

Austin Rezigh said...

Hey Emma! Yeah that is what I took it as. I would describe your target in more detail than your abstract though(i.e. structure, location in a cell,etc.). A guideline for such things to talk about are the bulleted points below the initial proposal outline. Hope this helps.

Brad Hall said...

As Austin said,

The Introduction should be an expanded abstract. Each paragraph should be expanded to a few paragraphs. Really talk about the background of your target. What is it's purpose within the cell/nature. What happens when it fails. What other work has been done on the target? What did they find...etc.