Aliquots and -20 Freezer Reorg

We have a few 6XO dye aliquots. Whichever mentors work today will make more.

I have reorganized the -20 freezer removing boxes from old lab members and moving around the aliquots. Everything now has it's own box instead of being left in open well racks for later knocking over. In addition, I put the general volumes/concentrations for aliquots. If we are running out, then please make at least 20 tubes more. Please don't let this happen to you.

There are a few tubes unaccounted for that will be thrown out at the end of the week. PLEASE check the second shelf to see if any of these are yours. Names on the 96 well PCR racks include: Adaobi, KL/VE and Alec, but I don't know who owns the actual tubes.



Alec Rezigh said...

Thanks Brad! I removed whatever was labeled as mine. The other tubes on the blue PCR-tube holder do not belong to me.

Brad Hall said...

Great Alec! Yours were pretty well labeled from this weekend and I appreciate you taking care of it. Cheers!

Alec Rezigh said...

No problem!