Welcome to Aptamer Project Site

Hello and welcome to the Aptamer Stream's Project Discussion and Result Repository.

I would like to begin using this site to collect
  • Student derived information on projects and targets
  • Collaborative information currently sequestered in documents on our respective computers
  • Specific selection results and round issues
  • News and views on current published literature
  • Progress reports
To instill community, it is important that you all communicate with each other and myself.  Currently, you only communicate with me via e-mail.  This is very top down and you do not get an opportunity to communicate with each other in an open, scientific fashion.  This partially leaves out the the stream PI, the mentors and the teaching assistants, a group of individuals who can provide useful and cogent ideas to help you succeed.  I do not want to be the central point for information.

To make this repository work, you MUST:
  • Be consistent and concise (write like a scientist)
  • Tag your posts with common labels such as Projects, Informational, etc...
  • Come here often
  • Comment on other student's work
  • Keep this site up to date with your notebook
Soon, I hope that this blog will provide a repository for sub-projects, collaborations, failures and successes. More importantly though, I hope it will help you develop as researchers and acquire more success.  This website will help you communicate the advancement of your project to all members of the stream and to our collaborators.  It will help keep you and I accountable for our time spent in lab.

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