DropBox or UT Webspace

For linking files within posts, I suggest using DropBox. To do this, go to DropBox and download their program. You get 2GB storage space right off the bat. When I refer you, we both get an additional 250MB.

Dropbox is cloud storage like UT Webspace, but with their program installed, your computer sees the storage space as a folder on your computer. You drag and drop files into it the folder and boom, they are where ever you are. On your iPhone (Dropbox app). On a friend's computer (through their web interface).

For the world to see it, they include a dead simple "Public Folder". Anything that goes there gets a link so you can share it with the world. The link is like any other link and can be used in the blog. For instance, I saved a PDF of a protein alignment I printed for Michael, copied it to my DropBox folder, then added the link into the comment so he could see it. Here is the link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2202834/DENV%20Alignment.pdf

UT Webspace will work for these purposes, but it is more complicated. You must upload your document using their web interface (slow), then select the file and change the permissions under the manage tab for it to be public. Once that is done, you must find and copy the "Full URL" from the summary box (also under Manage).

I have created a how-to for using Dropbox and UT Webspace. Stay tuned to lecture for instructions on how and when to use.

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Nia_Fernandez said...

The program I was with over the summer used dropbox and it actually worked pretty well!