Keeping up with the Jones

Keeping up with current literature is difficult at best. I will present this fall on ways to keep up with literature searches, automating the process and writing about the literature you find. The problems are muli-fold:
  • finding relevant literature
  • preparing to read and reread
  • storing and accessing articles
  • organizing knowledge
To "keep up with the Jones's", I suggest three simple tasks to get you started:

1.) Create a pubcrawler account and let it do the walking. Pubcrawler is like an RSS feed for pubmed. It repeatedly searches pubmed for terms and e-mails you the results daily/weekly. Consider the following search terms to get you started:
  • Keyword based - selection [All Fields] AND nucleic acid [All Fields] AND aptamer [All Fields]
  • Common author based - Ellington AD [Author] OR Yingfu Li [Author] OR Sullenger BA [Author] OR Gorenstein DG [Author] OR Keefe AD [Author] OR Famulok M [Author] OR Mayer G [Author] OR Blind M [Author] OR Rossi J [Author]
2.) Get a PDF organizer and use it. PDFs are the future. Organization and recall is the key. Some common ones are:
  • Mendeley - cross platform, free, performs reference formatting and inline citing
  • Papers -Mac only, $, has plugin to send web pdf files directly to Papers
  • Zotero - cross platform browser based (firefox), free, but can perform like Endnote/Mendeley
  • Endnote - cross platform, performs cite while you write, $$$
3.) Read and keep notes. Use Google docs, Google notebook or this blog to keep yourself organized with the relevant literature you are finding.

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Adaobi Anyiwo said...

The pubcrawler site seems to be having some issues. After a number of attempts it keeps refusing to download.