Sequencing Guidelines

The sequencing core website.

The core provides primers for free, but I've found them suspect. Therefore, I suggest providing your own primers.

Samples should be in 1.5 ml tubes with 500ng target and 10 pmol primer in 12ul total ul. This means if you run a PCR and see a nice band, it is probably around 50ng/ul and you are fine to add 10ul of the PCR plus 2 ul of 5uM primer.  Note: you should dilute the primer 1:4 to get from the 20uM normal to 5uM.  For sequencing, these are typically M13F and M13R.

Individual samples are $4 and plates are $300.

Get the samples in by 10am to be processed that day. Fill out the online request form (linked above). Label the tubes with your initials and the row number from the form (BH 1, BH2, BH 3, etc). Take the samples to MBB 1.426 and put them in the green rack in the beer cooler (glass front fridge).

For more guidelines, see:

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