Summer Fun 2011

I have great news! There are very exciting opportunities out there that will give people an opportunity to do research in other labs across the country for ten weeks throughout the summer. UT is one of the best public research universities in the country and because of this many people think highly of the students.

As a recipient of some of these awards I highly encourage everyone to apply to these programs. They are ten weeks long, for the most part your housing is covered and you are given a stipend for the summer. The application process seems long but it is a great way to keep all of your college accomplishments up to date.

UT Southwestern Medical Center partners with UT to give undergraduates this opportunity. This program runs from June 6, 2011 to August 12, 2011. The application can be found at:

is due the latest by February 9, 2011. I encourage everyone to look into it whether you are planning to go to medical/dental/graduate (basically any kind of professional school). They have more information on the website for you to look at. Please look at this early -- they require transcripts and rec letters (Brad does not want to be bombarded on February 1st). On a general note, you should ask professors for rec letters at least a month in advance!!

There are many programs out there like this and people are willing to give you a chance to work in their lab without knowing you which is a very big deal! You have a chance to meet people in the field and ask questions and develop relationships.

I highly encourage everyone to do it even if it is to live in a new city for free for the summer! If you have any questions on summer programs in general you can ask me at any time. If you have questions about this program in specific I am happy to lead you in the right direction in having the questions answered.

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