Progress: S100B

Full proposal is here.

The first round of bead-based selection against S100B is in progress. Cycle course PCR had to be repeated twice. During trial one, the DNA ran off the gel because another gel was added to the machine and the running time was increased. Although some amplification was seen towards the bottom of this gel, cycle course PCR was repeated for a second trial. As shown below, cycle 12 showed over amplification while cycle 9 was slightly under amplified. Therefore, cycle 10 was chosen for large scale PCR.

Cycle course PCR round 1 is here.

Cycle course PCR round 2 is here.

The rest of R1 will be finished and a negative selection will be performed during R2 to reduce background binding. Further progress and results will be posted as the round proceeds.

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I really want the figures inline in the post so I can look at it without opening up a separate file.