FRI External Open House

The FRI program is growing and we are in the process of sustainability. Therefore, over the next year there will be a big push to export and advertise ourselves. We are revising our core mission to cross the chassim from "Can we do this" to "Let's keep doing this". To this end, the FRI program is hosting an external open house on Thursday, October 28th from 1-4pm. The Open House is a very important event and we need the help of students just like you.

There will be a common welcome and poster session in the Texas Union Welcome Room from 1pm-3pm. In addition, I will host a number of lab tours with your help.

  • Companies with substantial College of Natural Sciences (CNS) undergraduate research (UGR) relationship
  • Companies with current CNS relationships that we hope to nurture
  • Educational, Medical and Graduate Programs
  • Other colleges, UT Administration
  • FRI Advisory Council (and associates)
We need help in two major areas:

A.) Lab Enthusiasm

These visitors want to talk to you – not me. Therefore, I want enthusiastic students to be engaged in research and available to chat with our visitors about what we do and why it matters. I need all levels of students and mentors and alumni. Please reply below (comment) if you are willing and able. As the event approaches, I will "groom" you on the tenants of the FRI and what to say (like I did with the poster), but I really want your enthusiasm to show through. Be ready to talk about YOUR project, why you chose it, what your target does in the body or pathway and what aptamers could do against your target.

B.) Walking tour guides (get people from lab to lab).

If interested – please reply to this poll: Survey Monkey. You should dress nicely for this as industry notices at that kind of thing.

Above all, never underestimate the power of networking. Consider this an opportunity to network with very focused individuals who are excited about what you do. I've never gotten a job by applying with resumes. They have all been due to networking and communication at the human level.

- Brad

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