Mentor Application Due NOVEMBER 5

Hello Future FRI Mentors,

I want to invite you to apply to be an FRI Peer Mentor to new FRI students beginning in the Spring 2011 Semester. The online application is available, and will be available until Friday, November 5. As you probably already know, mentors play a vital role in the FRI experience, and being a Mentor is a great opportunity for professional development.

The application for Spring 2010 FRI Peer Mentors is now available. In order to serve as an FRI Mentor, you MUST attend Peer Leader Academy training in January if you have not previously attended the August or January 2010 training sessions. We anticipate the training will be an all day session meeting on Thursday or Friday, January 13 or 14, 2011. You are expected to return to campus in time to participate in this training. If you cannot, you should not apply.

I apologize in advance if the application is confusing, appears to solicit information that seems irrelevant, or asks for the same information, over and over. The application is being used for several positions. If you are not applying for the other positions covered by this application, you need not answer questions 8-14. You may enter N/A in the first box of each reply, or check the "not applicable" box. You will be asked multiple times to indicate you are applying to be an FRI-Peer Mentor. You must check the corresponding box in both questions 15 and 17 and check yes for question 16, to be routed to the actual FRI Mentor Application. You must provide a reference (Question 20) of someone who is familiar with how you function in a research lab setting. Typically this is the Research Educator, or independent research supervisor. Your reference will be contacted to provide a reference for you, but you should contact them ahead of time to ask/give heads up.

Information about Mentoring can be found here:

The application itself can be found here:

Note that the application must be completed by November 5. We anticipate that decisions will be made quickly thereafter, and anticipate notifying all applicants by the middle of November.

If you have questions about what is expected of mentors serving in a particular FRI stream, you should contact Brad Hall or Gwen Stovall. Any general questions can be directed to Al MacKrell (


Al MacKrell
FRI Peer Mentoring

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