Out of Nickel Beads?

Does anyone know if we are out of nickel beads?...if not, do you know where they are? I cannot find them in the fridge.


Ashley Dawson said...

There was a tube of them on Monday. It was a white tube in the door of the 4C fridge on the midde level.
Hope this helps!

Brad Hall said...

Hope a stock is found. In general though, be sure to let me know when we have only a couple tubes so I can reorder before someone's stuck.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley!
Thanks. I finally found it! I did not see it yesterday. There is not too much of it left. I aliquoted about 10 sets out then put the stock back in one of the plastic bags with beads instead. Brad, I would definitely go and order more as there is not much left in the stock.
Thanks for your help,