Scholarship Opportunity

Ever wondered about student services on campus?
How are programs designed?
How do administrators make decisions about student life? Why do students act the way they do on campus?
How can you get more from your undergraduate experience?

This could be your lucky day! OUR UT (Opportunities for Undergraduate Research at the University of Texas at Austin), is an undergraduate research initiative sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Students. We are currently accepting applications from all undergraduates to be a part of the program as DoS Scholars.

Students selected to become DoS Scholars will receive $1,000 in scholarship funding over the course of the 2011–2012 school year. OUR UT DoS Scholars are expected to dedicate 3 hours per week to assisting with the Institute's ongoing research projects. Responsibilities may include, reference searching, literature reviews, interviewing, developing surveys, drafting research proposals, designing and pitching research ideas and evaluating programs. In addition, students will learn about research methodologies and practice, as well as the administration of student services under the Office of the Dean of Students.

Our deadline has been extended until this Friday, September 30th.

More information and the application form* can be found on the Dean of Student’s Website or directly at this address:

*It is important to note a CV and letter of reference are required, as part of the application. The reference letter does not have to come from a UT staff or faculty member. We will accept reference letters from other student leaders or representatives of organizations.

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