NTC Band

Posted by: Stephanie Tutak

Hello all,
A band showed up for my no template control (without RNA template) during my Round One of Selection against Tau MAP.

I have the following information about the RNA pool and the reagents used:

RNA Pool: N34

10X PCR Buffer Labeled A-1

EtBr (Personal Aliquot)

dNTP (Row-three, column-six)

N34 Forward and Reverse Primers: Obtained from -20 fridge.

Taq DNA Polymerase: Beta 07/28/11

I used the thermocycler with one block that is on the second bench, but I don't think this is relevant.

Is there anything else that I should mention??

I will be starting this round of selection over again with a different pool of RNA. However, there are only primers for the N34 and N58 pools. If I choose to use a different pool, where should I obtain the proper primers?


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