FRI Alumni Contest (Applications due next Monday (10/03))

Are you an Innovator?

The College of Natural Sciences is beginning a new campaign to get the word out about FRI- and the focus is on you-our students and alumni! We'd like to argue that above all, FRI empowers students to do cool things in science- to be real innovators.

We'd like to know your story- how you are an innovator- in your research, as a scholar or as a student. Have you generated a new idea, data no one has ever seen, an image no one has captured before? Are you the first in your family to do research, the first in your hometown? Have you used your college and research experience to take a new direction with your life? To forge a new path?

We want to know. Several students who respond to this call for stories will work with our communication team to further develop a profile as part of our effort to let people know about FRI. This may be a story for the paper, a video, or a web profile. AND the top THREE students will win a $60 gift card to the University Co-op.

If you are interested, please submit a 1-page narrative (it can be lees, but don’t exceed 1 page single spaced) - just tell us your story. This submission won't be published anywhere, so don't stress about it- just let us know how you are an innovator, and we'll follow up with you. Please submit these by Monday, 10/3, via email to (

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