Questions regarding Proposal

I noticed that in the Abstract, Introduction and Background, Experimental Design ect., AND Budget it asks us to include information in regards to ordering. I feel like it is kind of redundant, but then again, I've never had to write a proposal. Also, from what I've gathered thus far, it seems as though the information necessary for the budget is not going to fill up an ENTIRE page. Feedback? Thanks!

-Vivian Esparza

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Gwen Stovall said...

Hi Vivian,
Yes, please include the information in all 3 areas. Here's how it breaks down:
1. Abstract - include all information b/c I need this info to actually order it. Summarize/condense as much as possible to stay in "abstract form."

2. Experimental Design - typically people write something like ... HIV Rev peptide, [add sequence here b/c peptide] purchased from [vendor, city, state of vendor]. Price isn't really mentioned here.

3. Budget - include much of the information included in the abstract, as well as the cost per a round, etc.

Hope this helps!