Ecology/Integrative Biology Research Opportunity

The project would include collecting and identifying native bees,
identifying native plants, identifying pollen grains with light
microscopy, and determining bumble bee pollen load composition. Other
tasks may include bumble bee DNA extraction and PCR amplification for
population genetics research. For more background on the research
opportunities, undergraduates are encouraged to visit the lab website: Here

Responsibilities include 1) keeping an organized lab notebook, 2)
conducting native plant surveys, 3) collecting and organizing insect
samples, 4) using a light microscope to identify pollen, 5) conducting
DNA extractions, and 6) conducting PCR amplification of microsatellite loci.

Students would start work this semester, and are expected to work for
the next 2-8 semesters.

Students with an interest in Ecology, Evolution, and/or Conservation are
especially encouraged. If interested, please contact the PI via email
at In your email, please include 1) related
research work or coursework you have undertaken, 2) your reason for
interest in this project, and 3) hours of availability. If possible,
include a resume/CV.

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