Website Problem?

Posted by: Yuefeng (Rose) Wu

I am having trouble accessing the site where we have to post up our resume. I type in "" (the website provided in the protocol packet) and the site never loads and just says that the server is taking too long to respond. Do I have the wrong url?




Alec Rezigh said...

Hello Rose.

That is the same link I have. Maybe the server is down, because it is not working on my computer either. Just keep trying the url, I guess. I am sure Gwen will address the situation.

Posted by Alec Rezigh

Brad Hall said...

The servers went down last week and this may the problem. I let the site webadmin know. Check back in a couple days.

Gwen Stovall said...

Hi Rose,
Try again in a few days, when the server (hopefully) is back online.


Yuefeng (Rose) Wu said...

Alright, I'll try again later.