Questions for Assignment 2 post lab.

Posted by Leta Ko

On question 2, is the blank for the pH suppose to be the pH of what it was initially ( when you first put it in the pH electrode?) or what the pH you got at the end? and the ml of dih2O, it wasn't a set amount, because we had to dissolve it then add in naoh or hcl to put it to the right pH then add dih2o til 100 ml. so I wouldn't know how much deionized water I put in?

Thank you!

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Alec Rezigh said...

Hello Leta.

The pH blank I think should refer to the final pH you were trying to achieve. As for the mL of water, it should be around 100 mL, so I think this would be the most appropriate answer. I hope this helps.

Posted by Alec Rezigh