Snowday Make-up Lecture(s) - Mon. 2/7/11

OK - I had a terrible time trying to write an email with this information. I'm sorry about spamming you early this morning. Here are the details ...

What? Snowday make-up lectures

When? Mon. 2/7/11 at 3:30 and 5:00

Where? **MBB 2.204** (updated at 12:16 pm on 2/7/11)

Who has to go? I strongly recommend that you attend 1 of these lectures, although you are not required to attend. If you're unable to attend 1 of these lectures, then you may email me or Shawn to schedule a meeting to go over the slides.

Slides? The lecture PowerPoint slides are available on Blackboard, like usual.

Questions? Post questions here. :)

See you soon!

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