A Contest: The Scientific Relationship

Posted by Gwen Stovall.

The Challenge: Tell a story about undergraduate research in the College of Natural Sciences in film, photography, sound, animation, illustration, words, html, or whatever other medium takes your fancy.

The Theme: Explore a scientific relationship between two people, a person and a bacterium, a student and her laboratory, a mentor and a mentee, a research stream, or any other two things, creatures, spaces, or realities.

The prize: A prize. Seeing your work featured on the websites of the college and the university. Feeling good about yourself. And $50!

The constraints: Must be scientifically accurate. Must involve research done by an undergraduate in the College of Natural Sciences. Must be interesting.

1st Prize: $50
2 Honorable Mention Prizes: $25

The winning entries, as well as other outstanding submissions, may be featured on the websites of the College of Natural Sciences and The University of Texas at Austin.

Winners will be selected by March 1.

For more information or technical assistance, contact Melissa Taylor at melissataylor@mail.utexas.edu

Sponsored by the Office for Honors, Research and International Study in the College of Natural Sciences

FEB 15, 2011

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