Include Name on all Postings

Please include your name in your blog posting. This is necessary to properly search and find blog posts published by a certain person. Although the blog lists the name of the person publishing the post near the title of the post, the website,, does not allow you to search for all postings by a particular person ... or, I, at least, haven't figured out a way to do this. So - please add your name somewhere in the posting.

Posted by Gwen Stovall


service said...

Dear Scientists,

when I browsed the internet for aptamer blogs, I came across your fantastic (and informative) site. Thank you for sharing your knowlegde with everybody.

I was just wondering if somebody of your lab community would like to write a description of the SELEX bead process for my own blog on ligand binding assays in general.

Certainly it will be published as it is, please feel also free to add links as you like.

Are you interested?
Thank you in advance,

service said...

Dear all,
thank you for your great blog on aptamer selection. It´s incredibly informative.

I was just wondering if it could be a good idea to invite someone of your lab to write a short description of the SELEX bead assay for our ligand binding assay collection (blog). It will be published as it is, please feel also free to include any hyperlinks whenever you like.

What do you think?
I´m looking forward to your response.

With kind regards,