1st Quiz of the Semester

Posted by Gwen Stovall

Please complete this online quiz by Sunday, January 30, 2011.




Leta Ko said...

I accidentally forgot to answer a question! I was planning on going back to it. but then I remembered after I clicked submit. What should I do?

Mimi Le said...

Hi Leta,

I will let Gwen know and get back to you on that.


Gwen Stovall said...

Hi Leta & Mimi,
First off - thanks for posting this question on the Blog. I imagine other students will have similar questions.

Please don't worry about missing a question. This quiz will be graded for completeness (or almost completeness) not for correctness. So - all is well.

Do you feel better now? :)

Leta Ko said...


Yes I do, I was sort of freaking out because I didn't mean to skip that question. Haha.

Thank you.


Samin said...

I also wanted to go back and do the general aptamer questions after. I mean technically it isn't "complete" so what if we sent in another quiz with the questions we forgot to do?

Gwen Stovall said...

Yes, that's fine. You may take the quiz again, if you like.