Blackboard and Safety Training Questions

Posted by Tianlu Ma

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be in the Aptamer stream and am really looking forward to a great semester.

Right now, I have two questions.

  1. How do you upload documents onto Blackboard? When I log in and go to the 51705 course page, there is no link that will allow me to upload anything except through emailing.
  2. This isn't really a question, more of a confirmation. I tried to take the CW 512 safety training course and I think the link listed on the syllabus is incorrect.

Thanks for all the help =)

Tianlu Ma


Jordan Wennermark said...

When you copy paste the link make sure that at the beginning it says, "http" not "ohttp." That is what happened to mine. I don't know how to upload the document either, so if you find out can you post it.
hope this helped!

Tianlu Ma said...

I found the webpage. Thanks for your help! And if I figure out how to upload documents onto Blackboard I will most certainly post it. =)


Gwen Stovall said...

Thank you for your comments.

There was a problem with the assignment. You should be able to upload the assignment now. I'm sorry about the confusion.

Here's how to upload the document:
1. Log in to blackboard
2. Go to assignments
3. View/complete assignment
4. Save file
5. Submit. You must hit submit or I cannot see it.


Gwen Stovall said...

The CW 512 link from the syllabus works.

Tianlu Ma said...

It turns out the link on the syllabus is correct, as long as you copy and paste and delete the bullet. If you prefer typing it in, make sure to type in https://...