Posted by Tianlu Ma

If we want to register for the fall 2011 semester, do we register for Brad's section (Unique: 51845)? And what do we do if we want to continue in the stream but that section does not fit into our schedule?


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Gwen Stovall said...

Hi Tianlu,
I don't believe the Fall 2011 FRI classes have been "finalized" for registration, yet. The RE's will discuss this next Tuesday & I'll report back to you at that time.

Here's my general understanding, though. You will be approved to register for the next semester of my stream (which may or may not still be listed under Brad Hall). The approvals haven't gone through, yet. So - go ahead & register for your other classes, if you can. You can always add the Aptamer Stream later (don't worry about that).

Here's the very, very tentative scheduling info ... I'm not sure I should even post this, because I'd hate to spread bad info. Please consider this info w/ caution:
55535 CH369K
53935 BIO377
T 4-5
WAG 214.

I hope this helps!