Credit for next semester!

if i claimed for biology lab credit and if i want to continue with this stream next semester, can i claim for chemistry lab credit too? or do i have to claim upper devision biology lab credit?


Gwen Stovall said...
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Brad Hall said...

Hey Calvin,

I can answer some of the policy questions for Gwen. You can only get one credit for the course via Ch 204 or Bio 205L. The fall is set up much different and thus does not count for either of these. The only two options for the fall are independent research courses: CH369K or BIO377. Unlike the spring, there are no conference courses for the fall.

There is no requirement, however, that you stick with the school with which you registered in the spring. Thus if you take spring CH204, you can take fall BIO377. Check with your advisor for which (likely both) counts toward your major. In certain instances (Microbiology and Pharm I think), the independent research must be in BIO or maybe it doesn't count? Don't quote me though.

Gwen Stovall said...

Hi Calvin,
I deleted my original comment, because it had some incorrect information in there. Let me try again ...

1 - Read Brad's email. Brad has been there & done that & know how's it works.

2 - Here are (I believe) the courses & unique numbers offered this Fall 2011:
(1) 50265 BIO 377 - Undergraduate Research-FRI
(2) 51845 CH 369K - Techniques of Research-FRI
Instructor: Hall, Bradley
Lecture: Tues 4-5:00 pm

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Gwen Stovall said...

And - just to verify. I will be teaching, but Dr. Hall is still listed as the instructor of record.

Thank you,