My RNA concentration from Round Two turned out to be much more concentrated than my sample yielded from Round One (by roughly 200 ng). Does this mean that my round two sample was contaminated?
Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
Stephanie Tutak


Brad Hall said...

"Much more" isn't a very scientific description ;). Please relate actual concentrations. Since you are still in the learning phase, these conc. diff. Aren't that big of a deal. Likely you got better at manipulating the reactions. If your cycle course changes substantially from round to round though, it's cause for more of a concern.

Stephanie Tutak said...

Sorry I was vague. My round One concentration was 614 ng/ul, and my Round Two concentration was 810 ng/ul.

Mimi Le said...

Oh, 614ng/uL to 810ng/uL isn't a big deal. I agree with Brad! :)