Beckman Scholarship Opportunity

Does research interest you ?
Do you think you would like to become a research scientist ?
Would you like a taste of what it's like in graduate school without the lectures or exams ?
Would you like to be in a program designed to maximize your research experience AND be paid to do it ?

Since 1999, the Dept of Chemistry & Biochemistry has run a Beckman Scholar program, one of a very small number of programs in the country that supports extended periods of undergraduate research. This program is now open to any UT undergraduate student, in good academic standing, who is a US citizen or permanent resident. As you will be expected to perform scientific research with one of our list of Beckman mentors (professors), applicants would be expected to have some scientific background, at a minimum, credit or registration in CH302. It is generally expected that students in their Junior or Sophomore year will be most suitable for this program; however students at any stage of their undergraduate career may apply provided they do not intend to graduate before Spring 2011.

We are funded to support two Beckman Scholars this year. Scholars will be paid to carry out full-time research in Summer 10 and 11 and part-time research in Fall 10 and Spring 11. The scholarship also include funds for research expenses and student travel to scientific meetings.

The time line for applications to this program is short. Our website contains all the information you need to know. Once you have read the website, complete the online application form, linked to our website, download the list of required supporting material and complete your application by noon on Monday March 28th, 2011.

Do not think "Oh I'd never win a scholarship" or "These scholarships are already targeted for those students who win all the other scholarships", because you may be WRONG! While GPA is considered, it is by no means the main factor in our selection process. A strong enthusiastic interest in research and an aptitude for original thought are the most important things that you will need. In addition to choosing Beckman Scholars, we also attempt to place most finalists and many semi-finalists in research groups and nominate applicants for other scholarships.

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