Nucleic Acid Aptamer Selection Against Endoglin (CD105) for Marker of Overproduction of Endothelial Cells

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Progress report 10/18/11:

Elena Mora

Figure 1: The role of endoglin in (TGF)-β adapted from Seon, Ben. (Seon Labs)

Cell-surface glycoprotein endoglin (CD105) has been identified as a promising marker for proliferation of human endothelial cells. These tumor-associated cells are optimal targets in therapeutic approaches for human cancer and identifying over-expressed cells (1). They may lead to a deeper understanding in angiogenesis and the use of anti-CD105 as a therapeutic agent (2). Aptamers also would be much more affordable than the antibody therapeutics currently available.
Specific Aim: Several components of the receptor complex Transforming Growth Factor (TGF)-β superfamily, and CD105, are shown to strongly bind together in these cells (3). Studies have also shown that inhibition of CD105 expression enhanced the TGF- β ability to suppress growth of cultured endothelial cells (3). In this respect, an aptamer could possibly serve a likewise function to suppress growth and spreading of malignant tumors.
An aptamer selected against CD105 would be useful in diagnosis and treatment of cancer tumors. Identification with this marker and possibly inhibiting the growth of these destructive cells could potentially be a powerful step towards more curative measures.

Elena Mora

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(1) Lastres P, Letamendia A, Zhang H, Rius C., Almendro N: Endoglin modulates cellular response to TGF- β (2) Gougos A, Letarte M: Primary structure of endoglin, an RGd-containing glycoprotein endothelial cells (3) Li C, Hampson IN, Kumar P, Bernabeu C, Kumar S: CD105 antagonizes the inhibitory signaling of transforming growth factor β on human vascular endothelial cells


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Nice idea! Your abstract is very concise. For others like me, I might suggest providing a little more background about both the CD105 and the associated therapeutic protein. Also, don't forget the background on aptamers. Best of luck on your selection!

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