Research Opportunities

Here's a taste of what's out there:
1. Cell culture research - Peggy Wang is a graduate student in Dr. Edward Marcotte's lab. Peggy is looking for an undergrad to help with some human cell culture work. She's looking for someone to grow and maintain cells and possibly help with transfections later on. She need a researcher to work ~5-10 hours a week and ramp up to maybe 15 hrs/wk later. She's looking for someone to work with her for at least a year. If you're interested in this opportunity, then please email Peggy.

2. CPRIT Research Fellowship - This is a PAID summer research position. There are MANY slots available and not enough applicants. Go to this site to read up on how to apply & what's involved, You'll work for a CPRIT graduate student or faculty member (not me) over the summer & be exposed to a new research experience, while being paid. This is a great opportunity & hope to hear about students applying for this fellowship.

3. Aptamer Research Volunteer - Like I announced last week, please let me know if you plan to work in the lab over the summer. I'd really hope many of you continue your research & pull out some MBP,lysozyme, and/or fibrinogen aptamers!

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Stephanie Tutak said...

Posted by Stephanie Tutak:
I asked earlier about getting further information about the CPRIT fellowship and realized that I should have posted my question here so others could see. If anyone else has questions about the CPRIT Research Fellowship, then you can email Angel Syret at