Progress Report Number One

Zoe White
Progress, Results, Data, and Discussion
I am currently involved in R1 of selection against FGF-8. I am using a N64 RNA pool to select against this protein. I have progressed to the cycle course. However, my first cycle course failed to produce any bands on any of the washes or the elution (Figure 1). The good news was that there was no band that appeared in the no template negative control (NTC).

Figure 1. R1 cycle course for FGF-8 selected against using N64 RNA pool.

The cycle course was not successful and must be repeated. I have not yet gleaned any useful data from round one.

Table 1.
RNA Concentration

Problems Encountered

As seen in Figure 1 my first cycle course failed. The most likely reason is that I left the reverse transcription to run overnight and the thermocycler did not stay on 4 C overnight. I attempted to run the cycle course anyway but will now repeat reverse transcription and run a new cycle course.

Conclusion and Future Work
I will continue my selection by re-running my reverse transcription and attempting another cycle course.

Link to my abstract here

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