End of semester announcements

A few announcements:

1. Happy Thanksgiving!

2. The Lab party will be held during regular lecture time on Tuesday, November 30th at 4:00 in WAG 214. Please sign-up to bring something. Sign-up on the blog.

3. I'll miss the lab party. :( I've enjoyed working with all of you and getting to know you. Please feel free to stop by sometime & tell me how you're blossoming as a scientist. :)

4. Please take the course evaluation/survey. It's available online and Brad may have his own survey as well.

5. Post your lecture presentations on blackboard.

6. Photo slide show - get your lab photos on the stream's Facebook group so we can create a slideshow.

7. Update your resume on friend.cns.utexas.edu, if you haven't already. Remember, the pool of resumes may be used to find scholarship recipients ... free money.

8. Lab clean-up - please perform 2 hours of work in the lab between December 1-3.

9. Final report guidelines are available on Blackboard. The final report is due on December 3rd, because grades are due on Dec 7th. Brad will accept late reports on Dec 5th, minus 15 points. Submit reports on APS blog to your abstract post (like you did with your proposal).

10. Proposals will be graded & returned soon by email.

11. Please read next week's journal article. The article is posted on the APS blog.

Thank you,


Michael Ledbetter said...

Where on blackboard are we supposed to submit our presentations?

Ashley Dawson said...

If you go to presentations under course documents and then click on student presentations there is a place to upload documents.
Hopefully this is right because that's what I did.